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Now, online diamond shops sell diamond certificates... So many that people secretly wonder if this is real or not. Can you trust it? After buying it, how can I check for diamonds on the siren?

not at all Today, the doctor has arranged 5 techniques for self-examination of diamonds. Buying diamonds in the future will not have to worry about whether the diamond is real or not. Is it real sir? because just check with this simple method Ensure that you can tell immediately

1. Check the edge number
For a smaller GIA certificate or Diamond Dossier, which usually comes with low-carat diamonds. There will be a laser engraved number on every diamond edge. But if it is a large certificate for diamonds of carat size or more, they may not have it. If you can't find it, don't panic. You can try the next method.

2. Check with GIA website
Go to www.gia.edu/reportcheck. and enter the number If it's a certificate from a real GIA academy, you'll be able to see all the details right in front of you. It is confirmed that this is it. Absolutely real diamonds

3. Weigh
Incredibly easy basic method. But let me tell you that this is another effective method. That is to weigh the diamonds according to the weight in the certificate. If it doesn't match... you can return it to the seller.

4. Measure the size
A 100% effective measurement should be done in conjunction with weighing. Because diamonds are no different from people. that although the weight is the same But the proportions may not be the same.
Measuring exactly as stated in the certificate is a very easy and effective recheck. until you don't want to look over You can borrow the measuring device from the seller.

5. Check for flaws
Who is a pro who is more advanced? Set up a diamond binoculars to check the flaws for sure. This one certifies that it is more than 100% accurate because there is no flaw of any diamond in the world that is in the same position. 100% same look

will buy diamonds next time We recommend you to try these 5 techniques to check before you take your diamonds home. This is how you can be confident that we will get real diamonds, the selected beads, the quality on the certificate, for sure...

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