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Buying a diamond ring is a big deal for many people because in addition to the price of the installment. There are many other factors to consider. Therefore, should study the information first as much as possible. When it's time to step into the diamond ring shop will carry confidence (along with money) to go full pocket

The price of diamonds can vary greatly. depending on various factors That can be determined primarily from the 4Cs, which are Color, the degree of whiteness of the diamond, Clarity, the degree of clarity of the diamond, Cut or cut, and Carat Weight, which is the weight of the diamond. As we often hear greetings, how many carats does her diamond ring weigh?
There are also other factors that affect the price of diamonds, such as Fluorescence or fluorescence which affects the clarity and color of the diamond Thus affecting the price up to 5-20% depending on the intensity of the fluorescent agent specified in the sensor. The diamond without fluorescence (none) has the highest price. In these matters, you can try asking a trusted diamond ring shop.

What is the certificate standard?
Buying diamonds must have a certificate. (Certificate) directed, which certificates each brand has different standards. Because each institution has its own grading standards that are different, for example, if a diamond is yellow to a certain extent. The first institution might give E color. But another institute may give F color while another institute gives G color even as if we got grade 4 in this school. It doesn't mean that we will pass grade 4 in another school, so each grade is listed on the certificate. Affects the total price, so the brand of the certificate can affect the price up to 10-30%.

The most recognized institute And the lowest discount is GIA, followed by HRD and other institutions such as IGI, AIGS, AGS, but it does not mean that A diamond that is guaranteed by GIA is the most beautiful diamond. Because GIA is a diamond examination institute, both beautiful and unattractive. The diamond is beautiful or not. Must look at the results of the examination specified in the certificate as well. Go to the diamond ring shop next time. Don't forget to ask to see the certificate for decision making.

What is the grade of this diamond?
If you look at the certificate page There are sections for Cut, Polish and Symmetry, which refer to cut quality, polish and symmetry. Grades can be graded from Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, and Excellent. All diamonds graded as Excellent are beautiful diamonds and the price is higher than other diamond grades.

Techniques for exploring Petchnam Ngam
Diamonds with perfect Hearts and Arrows shine and play with fire more beautifully than normal diamonds. So, if you want to own a diamond, look for the one with Hearts and Arrows, especially beautiful. This also affects the price.

How many carat diamonds to choose to be beautiful and fit
As you know, carat is a term referring to the weight of a diamond, where 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams, and each standard-cut carat diamond has a fix. or diameter when viewed from the top similar What is the fix of each carat this time?

Group diamonds under half a carat It has sizes ranging from 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 carats, which although many people consider it small. But it depends on the suitability of each finger slender. Anyone with small and thin hands would like to wear a diamond ring of this size that fits your finger.

Half-carat and larger diamonds range from 0.5, 0.7, and 0.8 carats. Finally, diamonds of 1 carat and 1 carat or more are inevitably larger in size. The beauty of Hearts and Arrows affects both the price and the brilliance of diamonds. It's up to you to choose according to your preferences. which also come with different prices The standard diamond ring shop will have a wide variety of carat diamonds for you to choose from.

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