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Today, I would like to take you out of diamond and diamond ring mode to see some cute and sweet colored gemstones.
known as Ploy There is no need for a single pill. always one color A single gemstone can have many colors. Plus the color is sweet like candy. Makes me wonder why a single gem Even though there are many colors like that
In fact, this is not uncommon in the jewelry industry. Because the gemstone that is one grain of two colors like this often seen Whether it is a family of sapphires, rubies, or amethysts that contain yellow cetrine.
The reason is because each type of gemstone It gradually grew over time beneath the ground. The more minerals are in particular. It will cause the area to have a lot of gems as well. It can be any kind of gemstone depending on what mineral it contains.
Sometimes, the main minerals for producing gemstones are packed in a large area. But when the focus is on a small point Instead, there are other minerals infiltrating it.
when the main mineral is the cause of the sapphire The secondary minerals cause color, therefore, even if the parents are the same mineral. But children can have different colors in themselves.
Plus, it's a very unique difference. Because if it is named with two colors or more, that makes the gemstone. Become the only pill in the world that can't find the same twin again. The more stylish
Therefore, we saw a single gemstone with lovely bright colors. Some are red and green like watermelons, inviting them to be delicious. Some were cut into different shapes to add charm of each gemstone to be more chic than before.
The price of Tourmaline is not very expensive and is considered a soft gemstone that is quite popular. If anyone is fascinated with cute colors like this, they can buy and own them.

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